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About Us & Our Breeding Program

My name is Monica, & here is my family:  
- my husband Gerald, Mr. Jack of all Trades, who helps keep things running.
- our oldest teen son, who even though he's not the animal lover, is great at helping me juggle whatever the family needs.

- our 2nd son, also in high school, is definitely the animal lover & has finally (after waiting 8 years for me to be willing) acquired his very own breed, the unique Shiba Inu.
- our daughter in junior high, who uses her cat to taunt me in a constant friendly debate of if cats are better than dogs.

- our bonus baby, who at only 1 year old, thinks every laundry basket she sees should contain "PUPPIES!"
- our other children before we had "real" kids, our Goldens! 
- and a flock of ducks who tease the Goldens in our pond


I've had Golden Retrievers almost my whole life. I've been studying them passionately for over 20 years ever since the backyard bred Golden I received as a high school graduation present was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at only 7 months old. (More info on that concern here.) We had our first litter of puppies when I was still a Grindol - which is where Grindol's name originated, and while I admit we had very little information on what we were doing when we started, we kept that as part of our name as a testament that with a passion for a breed, combined with eagerness to learn, decades of determination, & willingness to strive to be better & do better for the breed, the sky is the limit! We are not a business. Bettering the breed is not a business. Understanding breed standards is not a business. It is a passion and an advocation for the history and preservation of a breed that I adore!

After Gerald & I got married (of course there was a Golden in our wedding!), I worked as an RN in obstetrics for 9 years, but as my human kids & fur kids continued to multiply, I finally resigned so that I could have more time at home to tend to my family ~ fur & all! I'm a bit of a homebody, so it's a win win! Plus that nursing experience comes in handy quite frequently when tending to all that comes with a full house!


We are responsible hobby breeders. We are not full-time breeders who breed several breeds of dogs year round, but we produce only a few "spoiled" litters each year. Spending almost my whole life with Goldens, I'm constantly learning about the breed's qualities and weaknesses, and strive to improve and better the breed. We know that Goldens have a reputation for bad health problems, & we do what we can to avoid this serious concern, which is why we have all our parents-to-be screened & certified by board-certified veterinary specialists before we decide if we will allow them to have puppies of their own. Not every Golden should be bred. (See our "Tips on Finding a Healthy Puppy" Page.) We are responsible Golden owners & hobby breeders who love the Golden Retriever breed and ENJOY raising puppies to go on and make families lives' happy as they make our lives happy!!


Our pups are not caged but are raised in our home until they are old enough to start having some outside playtime. They are socialized with people of all ages, cats, and other dogs. By the time our pups go to new, loving homes, they have had multiple rounds of preventative dewormings, their 1st round of immunization shots, & are vet checked from head-to-toe. Leaving no stone unturned in our effort to produce healthy puppies, we also use the Super Dog Program, which is a method of structured stimulation exercises developed by the U.S. Military with the benefits of improved cardiovascular performance, more tolerance to stress, better resistance to disease, & more! We also feed our puppies using Hovan's Slow Grow Method to keep them lean during their 1st year of rapid growth.


The parents are also healthy. As I mentioned before, we do screen our parents-to-be for hereditary defects. As any responsible breeder should, we pay particular attention to their hips, elbows, eyes, & hearts & have them OFA certified clear by board-certified veterinary specialists before letting them produce any puppies We have also participated in different venues of the show dog world. Some dogs excel in the conformation (show dog) ring. Some excel in obedience competitions or field work. But more importantly, they are our pets & members of the family who love: swimming in our pond, chasing ducks, fetching anything, bike rides, 4-wheeler rides, chasing squirrels, being faithful foot warmers, stealing our hearts, etc.!! It's a joy to see what avenue each of our puppies will excel in with their family, whether it be in the show ring, in therapy work, or as the perfect pet.


We have references available for you to check out. Ranging from people locally in Louisiana & Texas who are able to drive in for pick up or from families all the way from the east coast to the west coast, we are able to make transportation as easy as possible.  We have very happy families with healthy, smart, & beautiful companions & therapy dogs, & I'm blessed to be able to play a part in helping make those dreams come true!



If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me (Monica) at

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